Too often, people don’t call a lawyer when they think of what will happen to their loved ones after they have passed. They don’t consider that the law of estate succession is no respecter of persons whether your wealth is great or small. Shouldn’t you know what that means for you and your loved ones? At the Nadia Richards Law Firm, I believe in making estate succession law as simple and easy-to-understand as possible whatever your wealth level. I will focus on you and your circumstances exclusively to help you determine what best suits you: Wills and/or Trusts, Powers of Attorney or Joint Accounts, Living Wills, Special Needs Trusts or Guardianship. My priority is you and your preferences for managing and passing on what you have earned.

Estate succession law also dictates what happens after someone has passed away. I will help the Executor or Trustee administer an estate or settle a trust as peacefully or aggressively as the situation demands. We will ensure that the deceased’s wishes are carried-out as exactly as possible while pursuing what is right and fair.

Tax implications is an accompanying consideration in developing an Estate Plan and in administering the estate of a deceased person. I work to minimize the impact of estate and income taxation on the estate. 

I will help you and your loved ones pay no more than your fair share of estate or income taxes – individually, in your business, or in an estate or trust as your Income Tax Return Preparer.

As a member of the 1992 Class of the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law, I offer over 20-years experience focused on Estate Planning and Administration Law with Tax Consulting.

You can rely on my personal, individualized service.