When a loved one dies, probate is usually inevitable. Did your loved one leave assets? Are there debts to be paid? Who is responsible for settling their matters? Who are the beneficiaries? All must be answered and addressed. This is a challenging time to take charge of a loved one’s affairs. I will do it for you or with you, whichever you prefer.


Settling an estate is called estate administration or probate. If there is a Will, the Will dictates; if no Will, the State of Maryland dictates what happens to their assets. I will help you from the beginning to the close of the estate. We will focus on carrying-out your loved-one’s wishes, managing family relations and any issues, and on getting the most value out of the estate for its beneficiaries. You won’t have to worry about understanding the process or ensuring the estate is appropriately distributed to the intended beneficiaries in the correct amounts and at the highest value. I will consult with and guide you all the way. 

If disputes arise, I will work to address issues, negotiate agreements or settlements and otherwise prevent abuses of the process. If you don’t know where to start or you are doing all you can, I will assist with your efforts or take on the entire process, whichever you prefer so that all is done fair and right.


If your loved one created a Trust, after your loved one dies, another person known as the Trustee or Successor Trustee manages the Trust and ensures that Trust beneficiaries receive what was intended. During this process, concerns may arise, including locating and evaluating the assets of the trust. We will help with any or all issues.